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Under pressure from the County Council and the County Executive, the Parks Department and the Montgomery County Revenue Authority have entered into an agreement under which the Revenue Authority will operate Sligo Creek Golf Course through the 2013 season. While this agreement requires the Revenue Authority to maintain the course in playing condition it does not require them to spend any money on major capital improvements, like a new clubhouse or a new irrigation system.

This is not the long-term solution sought by the Sligo Creek Golf Association (SCGA). We want the golf course either brought permanently back into the Revenue Authority golf system, with Northwest, Needwood, etc., or to have it put out for bids by a private operator.

Nonetheless, SCGA believes that if supporters remain strong, Sligo Creek Golf Course will not be closed. That is why SCGA continues to spend funds on course improvements and to continue efforts to raise funds and attract new customers to the course. The Revenue Authority and the Parks Department are showing evidence of a new spirit of cooperation with SCGA’s efforts and we hope that will continue.

Donate to the Cause

The SCGA is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. SCGA does not have any formal membership dues, but we welcome donations. Donations are used primarily to make improvements to the course as well as other efforts that support keeping the course open.

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Or you may write a check payable to the Sligo Creek Golf Association and mail it to:

Karen Howland - Treasurer
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Sligo would not be in the great position of remaining a treasured amenity and 65 acres of undeveloped, open green space – home to countless wildlife and fowl – in Silver Spring without the continued support and volunteer efforts of the people and communities that surround it. Thank you!

We still need the COMMUNITY to stay involved. If you are not on the SCGA listserv, send your e-mail address to:


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Our web site is being rebuilt

The SCGA web site is being rebuilt and will be up and running by the new year with the complete history of the fight, all our tournaments, our improvement efforts, and other great information for all who wish to see Sligo remain open.

Please contact Rebecca Howland at save.sligo.creek.golf.course@gmail.com with any specific questions.